Dimensions: 28" x 12" x 12"
Weight: 5 lbs
Power Source: A/C
Coverage: Up to 1/2 acre.

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This item is discontinued

Viatek Mosquito Lure Fast Trap - MK01G

Plastic Mosquito CatcherThis item is no longer available.

Are you looking for the Viatek Mini Mosquito Trap?


Attractant(s) Used: Blue LED's and heat mimic warm-blooded prey to attract mosquitos.
Capture method(s): Insects are vacuumed into a mesh drawer.
Additional features: Two adjustable heights, easy to assemble, 30 ft cord, Manual or automatic (night sensor) operation. Quiet fan, DC adapter. Green, weatherproof plastic blends in with ground cover and gardens. Manufacturer's 90 day limited warranty.
Price range: $49-$79.99
Supplies and Accessories: N/A
Cost of supplies: N/A
User feedback: Mixed reviews. Many say it works well but there are some complaints about the lightweight construction. We thought it seemed pretty flimsy.
Comments: Basic mosquito trap at an attractive price. Can also be used with an Octenol lure (purchased separately). We recommend the lure - only a few species of mosquito are attracted to lights.