How to Buy and Use a Mosquito Trap

Much of the negative feedback you'll see about mosquito traps is because new owners didn't use them properly!

mosquito trap near woodsHere are 7 tips to help you select the right machine for your yard and use it successfully..

  • Buy the right sized machine for your property - a pocket-sized machine won't protect a 1 acre yard.

  • Choose the right technology - Do you have asian tiger mosquitos? Mostly found in the southeast USA, these striped, day-biting insects are a little trickier to trap than native North American species. Look for traps that use Lurex3 and/or visual cues for best resutls.

    In our reviews, we make note of which machines target these nasty little bugs.

  • The #1 mistake people make with mosquito traps is putting them right on their patio or picnic table!

    Mosquito machines attract bugs to kill them, so placing them in the middle of your guests is like offering them a 5 course meal! Learn more about how mosquito traps work »

    Instead, place the traps around the perimeter of your property, ideally around 25'-35' away from human activity.

  • Location, location, location - Manufacturers also recommend that you put the mosquito traps as close as possible to the colony and upwind from where you are.

  • If you have a lot of mosquitoes - plan on running your trap 24x7 or at least at peak mosquito activity hours (dawn and dusk) for the first few weeks, possibly longer if you're near an active breeding ground such as a pond or woods.

  • Mosquito traps take time to work, Unlike toxic foggers and sprays , mosquito catchers work over time to eliminate entire colonies of mosquitoes. As egg-laying females are lured into the traps, the population will diminish, new larvae will not be produced, and the colony will die out.

  • As effective as these machines are, they are not, in themselves a magic cure. They're most effective when used as part of a comprehensive mosquito control strategy, including common-sense preventative measures!

Though you may start noticing results within days, it could take weeks to get a heavy mosquito infestation completely under control, especially if you live someplace where the breeding conditions are ideal. But hang in there - with a little patience, you'll soon be on your way to a mosquito-free environment!