Last updated: January, 2019

Indoor Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps for indoors are helpful as long as you use them properly and understand their limitations. They're great for a quick "cleanup" but aren't going to solve a stubborn infestation.

If mosquitoes have been getting in and buzzing around your house, you probably know from experience that it's not easy to find them before they find you. They're small, hard to see, and unpredictable. Not to mention, sneaky. You'll be blissfully unaware of them until you catch one feasting on your arm!

This is where an indoor insect machine can come in handy. Place it in a room, turn off the other lights, close off the area and leave. That last step is key - if you stay in the area, they're likely to pass up the trap and head straight for you.

Let the trap do its thing for at least a good hour or so. When you return, anything that was flying around in that room should have found its way into the trap.

What you catch indoors won't make a dent on the mosquito population outdoors. If you have a hole in your window screen or gaps around your door, or kids who leave doors open when they go in and out to play, the rest of the mosquito family will be sending in reinforcements as fast as you can catch them. Buy or repair screens, caulk openings, replace worn weatherstripping, have a talk with your kids.

The best permanent results come from addressing the problem outside, where the insects live, but an indoor mosquito catcher can help make life inside more bearable in the meantime.

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Like all the DynaTraps, the indoor DT250IN uses a combination of light, heat and safe CO2 (generated by a titanium dioxide coating) to attract and catch mosquitoes. A quiet vacuum fan sweeps them into a well-designed, escape-proof catch bin.

The DT250IN features a 7 watt uv light (rated at 3000 hrs), a cleaning brush and a 7' cord. It covers areas up to 1000 sq feet and comes with a 1 year warranty.

The indoor DynaTrap DT250 uses a proven combination of safe attractants and an effective capture system to lure and trap mosquitoes and other flying insects. We wish the cord was a tad longer.

Overall we like DynaTrap products - they're effective and sensibly priced - but you will find yourself going through bulbs pretty quickly. Invest in a replacement bulb or two so you're not caught unprepared.


Attracts and catches flying insects using heat, UV light, safe CO2 and vacuum fan. The quiet DT500IN uses 2 7 watt UV bulbs (rated at 3000 hours each). The 7' cord plugs into any standard 120V outlet. Covers areas up to 1290 sq ft. Cleaning brush and optional wall-mount bracket is included. Comes with a 1 yr warranty.

Uses the same strategies as the DT250, but with a slightly different design. Can be wall-mounted, or simply placed on a table or counter top. For a wall-mounted product, we think a 7' cord is a little stingy - you may need an extension cord.

As with all Dynatraps, keep a couple of replacement bulbs handy so you're good to go if the others burn out.

An LED light coated with titanium dioxide simulates human body temperature and generates CO2, luring mosquitoes towards a fan which sweeps them into the container. A 3-stage on/off switch lets you run the unit continually or in 1/2 hour cycles. Can be used indoors or outdoors. 1 year limited mfgr warranty.

The InaTrap, winner of a Taiwan Excellence Award, is definitely the most stylish looking mosquito trap we've ever seen! It uses technology similar to the popular DynaTrap line to lure mosquitoes and other flying insects with light, heat and carbon dioxide, the difference being that InaTrap uses LED light instead of incandescent bulbs. A quiet but powerful fan finishes the job by sucking them into a container where they die. According to the manufacturer, the light and fan will last for 20,000-50,000 hrs - that's up to about 5 1/2 YEARS of non-stop, 24x7 usage.


Uses replaceable 4W white UV bulb (rated 1000 hrs) and fan to draw flying insects into the capture tray. Plugs into any standard 120V outlet.

According to the manufacturer's description, "Beneficial insects can be released outside" - which sounds nice, but we don't see how you oould possibly release "good" insects without freeing the "bad" ones too.

Relying upon just light and heat as attractants, the Stinger is likely to catch a lot more moths than mosquitoes. Users report the light (with a relatively short bulb life of just 1000 hours) is bright and the fan is noisy. For us, the dealbreaker is the design of the capture tray, which opens automatically when the power is turned off ... freeing any "survivors" to bite again. Yuck.

Sorry, but in our opinion, the Stinger is a "stinker." Don't be tempted by the price. Unless your goal is to catch bugs in your house and release them into the wild, skip this one.


Uses light, heat, humidity, CO2 (from a titanium dioxide coating) and a non-toxic liquid bait to capture mosquitoes, gnats and other flying insects. Powerful counterflow technology vacuums insects into the trap while releasing humidity and attractant. Includes 12V adapter.

One of the few 12V traps available. That along with its indoor-outdoor design make the Intelli Trap a candidate for camping trips and other outdoor activities. Unfortunately, it also seems to be plagued by reliability issues, hence the low rating.

The attractant made for use in this product is ... weird. If you buy one, run out and get a couple of adhesive Octenol strips - those will do a much better job of attracting mosquitoes than Amcor's yogurt-like concoction.


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