Last updated: May, 2020

DynaTrap Replacement Bulbs

Which replacement bulb does my DynaTrap Mosquito Trap use?

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Even if you're a diehard fan DynaTrap mosquito and insect products, the only thing more confusing than all the current and past model numbers and variations is figuring out which replacement bulb(s) to buy! Even traps that are similar in exterior design may use a different bulb or bulbs.

The chart below shows what replacement bulb you need each model of DynaTrap mosquito or insect trap. Please double check the bulb specs and description before purchasing. If your trap isn't listed here, contact the manufacturer to verify the correct bulbs to buy.

Trap Models Bulb Model # and Description
DT0500IN, DT1000

DynaTrap bulb 31050
31050 - 4W UV replacement bulb

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DT250IN, DT300IN, DT1000-12V, DT1050, DT1100, DT1125, DT1200, DT1210, DT1250, DT1260

dynatrap 41050 bulb
41050 - 7W UV replacement bulb

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DT2000XL, DT2000XLP, DT3012

DynaTrap bulb 32050
32050 - 6W UV replacement bulb (set of 2)

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DT1750 and DT1775

dynatrap bulb 43050
43050 - 26W UV replacement bulb

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DT3009, DT3019, DT3039
(FlyLight indoor traps)

DynaTrap bulb 21050
21050 - 9W UV replacement bulb

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Dynatrap bulb 33500
33500 - 15W UV replacement bulb (set of 2)

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DT1120 41020 - 2.4W UV LED replacement bulb
(hard to find but rarely needs to be replaced.)

How often should I replace my DynaTrap bulbs?

The manufacturer recommends replacing your bulbs after every 3,000 hours or approximately 4 months of use. The bulb in the DT1120 is an LED bulb - it will last much longer and may not need to be replaced for many seasons of use. We recommend keeping a spare bulb or spare set of bulbs on hand in case your bulb burns out unexpectedly.

Where can I buy DynaTrap replacement bulbs?

Most stores that carry the DynaTrap products also carry replacement bulbs, unfortunately many only carry the most popular ones. For easy online purchases, Amazon is a reliable choice with a wide selection. EBay can be a good resource for hard-to-find items and open box discounts.

Shop for DynaTrap replacement bulbs on Amazon
Shop for DynaTrap replacement bulbs on eBay

There are NO replacement bulbs for the following DynaTraps:

  • DT600 ATRAKTA - (Built-in 40,000 hour UV LED)
  • DT700 ATRAKTA - (Built-in 40,000 hour UV LED)
  • DT160 1/4 acre outdoor trap - (Built-in 20,000 hour UV LED)
  • DT150 Ultralight - (Built-in fluorescent UV bulb)

The bulbs in these mosquito traps are permanently installed and can't be replaced.