Last updated: June 2021

Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Traps

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Mega-Catch Premier XC - Mosquito Smart TrapIn the early 2000's a New Zealand company by the name of Envirosafe Technologies set out to produce an environmentally friendly product to tackle a common nuisance and the cause of many serious global health issues: the mosquito. The result - the first Mega-Catch mosquito trap.

Several generations later, Mega-Catch has grown into an effective,state-of-the-art product, with independent scientific studies to back it up. These traps have now been available in the United States and throughout the world for over a decade.

Let's take a brief look at the Mega-Catch technology and the models of Mega-Catch traps currently available

How do Mega-Catch Mosquito Traps work?

The Mega-Catch line of mosquito traps use a unique variety of attractant methods to capture and kill a wide range of mosquito species. Not all models use all methods - see chart for details.

Oscillating Multiple Frequency UV LEDs - Simulate movement and emit light in a spectrum attractive to many species of mosquitoes.

Low Intensity Black Light UV Tube - Cathode tube that generates light in yet another range attractive to mosquitoes, especially day biting species.

Pulsed Heat - Central core heating system creates a variable infrared signature which simulates the mosquito's prey.

Octenol Fragrance Strips - Optional. Not all mosquito species are attracted to Octenol, but it can increase catch rates significantly for those that are. Octenol also attracts black flies, sand flies and no-see-ums.

Dual capture method - In addition to a dry catch bag, some traps offer an optional wet catch method, which allows for the use of sugar or other attractants in the water of a catch bucket.

CO2 Gas Release System - A, variable CO2 slow gas release system increases capture rates by immitating the CO2 generated by the human body. Use of this system is optional.

  Oscillating LEDs Dual Capture Methods UV Cathode Tube Heat Octenol CO2 System
Alpha Y N N Y Optional N
Premier Y Y N Y Optional N
Premier XC Y Y Y Y Optional Optional Add-on
Ultra Y Y Y Y Optional Y (Use is optional)

Mega-Catch Mosquito Traps 2021

There are four traps in the 2021 Mega-Catch Pro 910 product lineup, ranging from the entry-level Alpha to the sophisticated and programmable Mega-Catch Ultra. The Pro 910 series replaces the previous MCA-900 and MCA-600 series, and features an all-weather fan design with stainless-steel ball bearings, an improved heat profile and multi-frequency UV LEDs.

Here's a brief rundown of each model:

Mega-Catch Pro 910 Alpha

The Mega-Catch Alpha uses light and heat to attract mosquitos, and a powerful fan to pull them into a dry catch bag. Protects up to 1/2 acre, maximum range of 90 feet. Rated for indoor or outdoor use.

Mega-Catch Pro 910 Premier

The Mega-Catch Premier offers many of the features of the higher-priced Premier XC and the Ultra with one-touch operation. Covers up to 3/4 acre with a maximum range of up to 100 feet. For outdoor use only

Mega-Catch Pro 910 Premier XC

The Mega-Catch Premier XC is a programmable "smart trap" with multiple programmable mosquito attractant settings, allowing you to fine-tune the trap to target the specific mosquito species in your location and maximize capture rates. Other features include a digital menu and on-board diagnostics, also has a simple "press and go" option. Optionally upgrade to the equivalent of the Pro 910 Ulta with the additional purchase of a CO2 Gas Upgrade Kit. Protects up to 1 acre with a maximum range of 120 feet.. For outdoor use only.

Mega-Catch Pro 910 Ultra

The top of the Mega-Catch line, the Mega-Catch Ultra is a fully-customizable state-of-the-art smart trap, with all the features of the Premier XC plus the Mega-Catch CO2 Gas Release System. Also functions in a one-touch "press-and-go" mode. Provides coverage for up to 1.5 acres with a range of 150 feet. For outdoor use only

See our mosquito trap reviews for additional details or visit the Mega-Catch site for more information and deals on Mega-Catch traps and bundles.

Mega-Catch vs Dynatrap

Mega-Catch and Dynatrap both manufacture effective and solidly-built products, but they target different audiences and needs. The Dynatrap models offer basic features at an attractive price point - great for the average small yard with a typical suburban mosquito problem. The strength of the Mega-Catch line lies in the more sophisticated features, especially those in the powerful and programmable Premier XC and Ultra "smart traps" - effective for larger areas and for those with a more varied and challenging mosquito population.

Mega-Catch vs Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito Magnet was the first mosquito trap to use a CO2 attractant method to lure mosquitoes by mimicking human breath - a notable innovation at the time! However while they have added some "bells and whistles", the basic Mosquito Magnet technology hasn't evolved much over the years.. As a result, In independend scientific studies, the Mega-Catch has simply outperformed Mosquito Magnet products.

Mosquito Magnet uses propane tanks to generate CO2 - propane is readily available, but presents all the hazards of using and storing a flammable gas.

Instead of burning propane, the Mega-Catch system uses a timed release of CO2 from CO2 canisters. CO2 is the safe, natural gas that is used in the beverage industry to put bubbles in seltzer and also easy to find at gas supply outlets.

The Mega-Catch XC and Ultra are comparable to the Mosquito Magnet line, but the offer more capture methods and a wider range of programmable features. In our opinion that, in addition to product reliability, makes Mega-Catch the better investment at a comparable price.

See our comparison page for individual model comparisons

Learn more about Mega-Catch on the official Mega-Catch site.