DynaTrap Indoor Flylight Insect Trap Review

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Dynatrap Flylight

The DynaTrap Flylight is an indoor trap for mosquitoes and other flying insects. This inexpensive yet effective solution plugs directly into an outlet and uses a combination of light, heat and glue pads to attract and kill insects.

Since this trap will cover your entire outlet, the DynaTrap Flylight is also available with 2 pass-through A/C outlets or 2 A/C and 2 USB pass-through outlets.

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Review and Photos

Attractant(s) Used: The Flylight traps use DynaTrap's patented AtraktaGlo™ replaceable 9 watt UV light bulbs, and heat generated from the bulbs. Bulb life is approximately 3000 hours.
Capture method(s): Insects are attracted to the light and captured on DynaTrap StickyTech™ glue boards. These boards should be replaced every 30-60 days or when full.
Additional features:

Comes pre-assembled
Discreet and attractive sconce design
Easy to use - just plug into an available outlet.
Safe, silent and odor-free
No pesticides
Replaceable bulbs
3 DynaTrap StickyTech™ glue boards included

Price range: $25-$40
Supplies needed: DynaTrap 21050 replacement bulbs (around $10 each)
StickyTech glue boards (approx. $6-$10 for 6)
User feedback: Our own experience matches what we heaf from users - nothing fancy, but the Flylight is unobtrusive, easy to use and does the job.

The Flylight is a simple but effective insect trap for indoor use. The DynaTrap Flylight uses a bright AtraktaGlo UV bulb to draw insects into openings on the sides and towards the rear of the trap, where they are captured on easy-to-change, disposable glue cards. Unlike throwaway plug-ins, the bulbs are replaceable.

This indoor trap uses no pesticides, fans or electric "zappers".Since the catch openings are towards the back of the trap, it is relatively safe to use around kids and pets. Nevertheless, keep it out of reach of small children with inquisitive fingers (and nosy pets)

The DynaTrap Flylight is available in black or white and in three different models:

  • DT3009 (The base model)
  • DT3019 - Has 2 pass-through A/C outlets
  • DT3039 - Has 2 A/C and 2 5V USB pass-through outlets.


DynaTrap Flylight

Hands-On Review and Photos

The DynaTrap Flylight is a simple plug-in indoor insect trap. Unlike many other traps of its kind, both the bulbs and the glue boards are replaceable.

The Flylight is about 9.5" high - since it plugs directly into an outlet it will cover the entire outlet. The base model makes no adjustments for this, however there are 2 other models available which provide pass-through outlets - either 2 A/C outlets or 2 A/C and 2 USB outlets.

This trap is for indoor use only.


What's in the box?

  • a) The trap (bulb and one glue board pre-installed)
  • b) Two StickyTech replacement glue boards
  • c) Instructions (in English, Spanish and French)
  • d) Warranty and registration information - register online to get a FREE replacement bulb!

The replacement cards, instructions and warranty / registration pamphlet are packaged in a little purple folder, making it easy to avoid misplacing them.

DynaTrap Flylight - instructions and StickyTech cards

First Impressions

The DynaTrap Flylight appears to be solid and well made. The instructions for safety, installation, operation, cleaning and maintenance are highly detailed and well-written in English, Spanish and French, and there are illustrations of everything you could possibly need to know, including how to plug it into a 120V outlet. The tech writers left no room for guesswork!

Assembly and Use

Protective cardboard on new DynaTrap Flylight

The DynaTrap Flylight comes pre-assembled, however you do need to remove some protective coverings before use:

1) Remove trap from the plastic.

2) Remove the protective cardboard above the bulb

3) Slide out the glue card in the back of the trap up and out, remove the cover paper to expose the adhesive, and slide it back in place

4) Plug into a 120V 3-prong outlet


DynaTrap Flylight - rearThe Flylight has a unique design that attracts insects to the sides of the unit and into the rear, where they get caught on the glue card. The trapped insects are all but invisible while the trap is plugged in, and its a little safer for tiny fingers and curious pets than traps where the insects are caught on the front. (We still advise plugging it in well out of reach if you have toddlers or pets!)

The front of the unit diffuses the light from the AtraktaGlo™ UV bulbs. It is bright, but not glaringly so. You can see the glow from the bulbs around the edges when in use.

Operation of the Flylight is completely silent - there is no fan or "zapper."

The manufacturer recommends leaving the trap on all the time (unless you're cleaning it). The trap will collect the most insects at night. For best results, place it away from other light sources.

Maintenance - Replacing the StickyTech™ Glue Cards

DynaTrap StickyTech glue card

Replace the Glue Card as needed, preferably before it's completely full. A glue card that's too full won't catch insects efficiently and can potentially pose a fire hazard.

The adhesive on DynaTrap's StickyTech™ glue cards is strong enough to trap flies and small-to-medium sized flying insects, but it is not loaded with messy glue like traditional glue boards. This makes changing the card a relatively quick and neat process.

To replace the glue card:

  • Unplug the trap
  • Reach in the top of the unit and slide the old card up and out. Discard.
  • Peel the protective paper off the new glue card
  • Insert the card into the unit where the old card was
  • Plug the trap back in.

Maintenance - Replacing the Bulb

The Flylight traps use DynaTrap's 21050 9 Watt UV replacement bulbs. Replace the bulb every 3000 hours or as needed.

To replace the bulb:

  • Unplug the trap and wait until the bulb cools.
  • Grasp the top of the old bulb with a cloth (to protect your fingers) and gently pull it upwards out of the socket.
  • Occasionally some dead insects will end up loose in the area by the bulb. Inspect and remove as needed.
  • Push the new bulb gently but firmly into the socket until seated.
  • Plug the trap back in.

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Dimensions: 3.5" x 9.5"
Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Power Source: A/C - plug into 120V outlet.
Coverage: 600 sq ft
Warranty: 1 year

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