Mosquito Magnet MM3300 Executive Review

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Mosquito Magnet 400 defenderThe Mosquito Magnet Executive is a cordless, programmable, state-of-the-art mosquito trapping machine

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the 3300 features automatic low-temperature shutoff, advanced digital diagnostics and 4 fuel saving opeteration modes.

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Attractant(s) Used: CO2, heat, moisture and octenal strips.
Capture method(s): CO2 and attractants attract mosquitoes, which are captured in a rigid net by Mosquito Magnet's patented "counter flow" technology.
Additional features: Durable, all-weather construction - marine-grade metal with wheels. LCD panel with "smart technology" offers advanced diagnostics and 4 fuel-saving modes. Cordless, can automatically start / stop itself depending on weather conditions. Quiet and odorless.
Price range: $675-$750
Supplies needed: Octenol or Lurex insect attractant (lasts about 21 days) Propane, replacement nets
Cost of supplies: Octenol - $20-$25 per 3 pack or Lurex (around-$25-$29 per 3 pack) lures
Replacement net - approx. $30
Propane - price varies

The manufacturer recommends replacing the net and the lure every 21 days
User feedback: The Executive is an effective solution with occasional reports of reliability issues.
Comments: The 3300 has a lot of great ideas and solid technology behind it - there are few to no complaints about its effectiveness. The machine is reportedly somewhat difficult to maintain, and it's not cheap to operate. Still, user "likes" currently outweigh the "dislikes" by about 3-1.



Dimensions: 29" x 17" x 35"
Weight: 30 lbs.
Power Source: Propane, custom rechargeable battery. One battery charge lasts a full season.
Coverage: 1 acre

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