Mosquito Magnet MM3200 Independence - Review

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Mosquito Magnet MM3200 IndependenceThe Mosquito Magnet Independence offers cordless mosquito protection for areas up to 1 acre.

The unit is powered by 4 "C" batteries. It combines durable, weatherproof construction with easy assembly. One touch operation and wheels make it simple to position and operate where it is most effective.

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Attractant(s) Used: CO2, heat, moisture and octenol or lurex attractants mimic the mosquito's warm-blooded prey.
Capture method(s): Patented "counter flow" technology captures mosquitoes in a dry-catch net.
Additional features: Weatherproof construction features heavy-duty plastic and marine-grade metal. One button operation. Wheels for easy placement. One year limited warranty.
Price range: $570-$605
Supplies needed: Octenol or Lurex insect attractant, replacement nets, propane.
Cost of supplies: Octenol - $20-$22 per 3 pack or Lurex (around $25-$29 per 3 pack)
Replacement net (approx. $16-$30)
Propane - price varies
Note: The manufacturer recommended that net/lures be replaced every 21 days.
User feedback: Unfortunately, the Independence seems to be plagued by reliability issues and customer service problems. We'll be keeping an eye on this year's reports to see if the bugs (no pun intended) have been ironed out yet.

As with other Mosquito Magnets, there are operating costs to take into effect. There are some reports of reliability issues with this model.

Mosquito Magnet offers a 1 yr warranty and 24/7 customer support .


Dimensions: 29" x 17" x 33"
Weight: 30 lbs.
Power Source: Propane (not included), 4 "C" Batteries (included).
Coverage: 1 acre

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This model is discontinued.

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