Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus

Mosquito Magnet MM4200 Patriot Plus

The updated Patriot Plus (MM4200) offers the reliable Mosquito Magnet™ technology with a 3x larger insect net than the previous model, for the same affordable price.

This basic, no-frills trap attracts mosquitoes and other biting insects. A 50' A/C power cord, lawn clips, and an octenol lure are included.

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Review and Photos

Attractant(s) Used: The mosquito magnet series features a patented catalytic converter which turns propane into CO2, heat and moisture, mimicing the mosquito's warm-blooded prey. Use witn octenol or lurex attractants to further target species found in your location.
Capture method(s): Patented "counter flow" vacuum technology captures mosquitoes in a rigid dry-catch "bug bag", designed to be easily emptied without ever coming in contact with the insects.
Additional features: Easy assembly, substantial but light enough to be easily carried. Weatherproof heavy-duty plastic and marine-grade metal. Stable "sled" base.
Price range: $300 - $330
Supplies needed: Octenol, R-Octenol or Lurex3 insect attractant, replacement bug bags, Propane.
Cost of supplies: Attractant - ranges from around $25-$35 for a 3-pack of Octenol or Lurex3, a 3-pack of R-Octenol runs $35-$40 but lasts longer than Octenol.
Replacement Bug Bag - $19-$22
Propane - price varies
QuickClear cartridges - $10-$20 for 3-4. Optional but highly recommended for clearing the fuel line when changing the propane tank.

Check the manufacturer site for discounts on bulk purchases and accessory packages.
Per the manufacturer, Octenol/Lurex and nets should be replaced every 3 weeks. A 20lb tank of propane will roughly the same amount of time.
User feedback: Latest version of an effective, tried-and-true product. The lure/capture system used in the Mosquito Magnet line is one of the best. Some buyers report issues with clogging in the fuel line, but its hard to say if this is truly a design flaw or due to user error. We strongly recommend following the manufacturer's instructions to the letter regarding maintenance and use, including using a "QuickClear" cartridge every time you change the propane tank.
Comments: Mosquito Magnet's "entry level" trap, the Patriot Plus is a highly effective product - backed by technology which has proven effective in the field, but without the bells and whistles of some of the pricier models. The Patriot, like all propane traps, has ongoing maintenance costs.

Hands-On Review and Photos

patriot plus in box

The Patriot Plus is Mosquito Magnet's "entry level" model and the only corded trap in the Mosquito Magnet family. It is nearly-identical to the former Patriot (MM4100) except for a larger, redesigned rigid catch net.,

Assembled, the Patriot Plus stands about 3' high. Like other traps in the series, it uses a patented catalytic converter to convert propane to CO2, heat and moisture to attract insects. An optional lure cartridge, Octenol or R-Octenol for northern and coastal states or Lurex in southern regions, makes the trap even more enticing. Mosquito Magnet's "counterflow" technology finishes the job by pulling them into an escape-proof trap.

What's in the box?

  • a) The trap base
  • b) Trap and bug bag (pre-installed)
  • c) 50' power cord and adapter
  • d) Octenol lure
  • e) Pole and base support
  • f) Instructions and accessories

Unassembled Mosquito Magnet 4200

Packaged with the instruction booklet are:

  • a) Lawn clips, to hold the power cord in place
  • b) Quick Clear cartridge adapter
  • c) Black plastic cover which holds an Octenol or R-Octenol lure in place

patriot plus accessories

First Impressions

The individual parts seem solid and well made with no visible manufacturing flaws or sloppy workmanship. We were impressed by the number of ways in which the manufacturer goes the extra mile to provide support. Years ago, the company had a reputation for below-average support. Woodstream (the current parent company) seems determined to put that complaint to rest, with well written documentation (English and Spanish), a plethora of online videos, a sizeable Q&A section on their site and a customer service 800 number that's in so many places it's impossible to miss!

Assembly and Use

The Patriot Plus is ridiculously easy to assemble. The instruction booklet is clearly illustrated and well written. Still need help? Never fear - the manufacturer has posted video instructions for anything you need to do, and can also be reached via the toll-free support number in large print on the front of the user's guide.

1) Turn the base upside down and push the u-shaped base support into the 2 sets of holders on either side. Ours kept getting stuck - some WD40 may make the job easier.

Patriot - base assembly

2) Turn the base right-side up, insert the pole into the base (very easy).

Patriot Plus - assemble upright

4) Place unit on top of support pole and push firmly to snap in place. Here's the assembled trap, minus the propane tank.

MM4200 Patriot Plus

5) Insert lure in the bottom of the "trumpet" (really - that's what the manufacturer calls it) at the base of the trap per instructions in the lure package. Octenol and longer-lasting R-Octenol come in a small block which you push into the center where indicated below. Secure it in place with the black cap from your accessory package. Lurex is a cartridge which twists into the outer ring of the "trumpet."

.Mosquito Magnet - where lure goes

6) Follow instructions in the user manual for proper installation of propane tank. Plug in the trap. Always turn propane on SLOWLY.

The Mosquito Magnet Bug Bag (Catch Net)

There are few things in life nastier than emptying an insect trap. The escape-proof insect net in the Patriot Plus is designed to be emptied without having to come in contact with the contents - a feature we truly appreciate!

The insect net on the MM4200 is the only thing differentiating it from the previous Patriot (MM4100) trap. A rigid net like that of its predecessor, the net in the Plus boasts a 3x larger capacity and has been redesigned to be neater and more efficient.

Patriot Plus Bug Bag

Here's a close up of the compartment with the net is installed. When the door is closed, a plastic peg holds the black trap door on the top of the net open. When you open the compartment, a spring mechanism closes this trap door securely. A small handle on top lets you easily remove the net from the compartment to empty it.

mosquito magnet net

To empty the bag, just snap off the plastic top and dump the contents.

mosquito magnet bug net - open


Trap maintenance can be broken down into 3 areas: replenishing supplies, maintaining the fuel system, and storing the trap off-season.


Woodstream (manufacturer) recommends that you replace the lure and bug bag every 3 weeks. If you are running the trap 24x7, you will need to replace the propane tank around the same time.

Why replace the catch net when it looks so ... permanent? Running your trap with a dirty catch net is like running your vacuum cleaner with a full dirt bin and a dirty filter - it reduces the trap's ability to catch insects.

if you're adventurous and budget minded, you may be able to cut down on your supply costs by carefully cleaning the insect net with a soft brush, but this defeats the whole "no touch" point of the design.

Fuel line

The manufacturer recommends use of a QuickClear cartridge every time you change the tank to clear out impurities and contaminants in the fuel line. This cartridge is essentially just highly-compressed air. You'll need that metal adapter that's in your accessory envelope to use it, and will have to buy the cartridges since none are shipped with the trap.

Full instructions are in the user's manual. The cartridge contents, while innocuous, are under a lot of pressure and have the potential to cause serious damage in the event of an accident. Observe a few safety precautions:

  • Never smoke while using a QuickClear cartridge or use it near an open flame.
  • Because the contents are under high pressure, stand off to the side while using, not directly behind the cartridge.
  • Protective goggles are your friend.

Since clogging is an issue some buyers report experiencing, we strongly recommend you follow the instructions in your user manual to the letter for everything related to the fuel system of your Patriot Plus!

Off-Season Storage

To store the trap off-season:

  • Power down the trap
  • Close the propane valve and disconnect the regulator from the tank
  • Remove and discard the attractant
  • Store indoors, cover with a tarp or optional trap cover. Secure tarp around base to keep insects and rodents out.

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Dimensions: 17.2" x 22.5" x 16"
Weight: 22 lbs.
Power Source: A/C - 50' cord provided.
Coverage: 1 acre
Warranty: 1 year

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