Mosquito Trap Review

Dynatrap DT-2000- XL

Dyna Trap Mosquito Trap As you might guess from the "XL", this model is the high-capacity, wide-range model of the popular Dynatrap line of mosquito traps.

The 2000 XL is twice the size of the popular DT 1000 series. With brighter bulbs, a larger catch container and a more powerful fan, the Dynatrap DT-2000-XL provides heavy-duty insect control for areas up to a full acre in size.

It also features several minor design improvements, including one we particularly like: a damper which closes when the unit is turned off to prevent recently-captured insects from escaping. (Which can be an annoying problem with dry-capture mosquito traps.)

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Attractant(s) Used: Light, heat, and a patented titanium dioxide coating which generates CO2 (Carbon dioxide) without the need for propane or CO2 gas cylinders.
Capture method(s): A quiet but powerful fan sucks insects into the trap's dry-catch container.
Additional features: Damper closees when machine is powered off to prevent "escapees." Protective screen between the bulbs and the fan. Comes with 2 UV bulbs (approx. 4000 hours) and a cleaning brush. Available in basic black or hunter green. One year warranty.
Price range: $165-$199
Supplies needed: Light bulbs.
Cost of supplies: Replacement bulbs are around $13 for a package of two.
User feedback: Very good - this is a bestselling item.

Powerful trap, several improvements over the original DT1000. Bulbs should last a couple of months, but you might want to keep a couple extra on hand just in case.
We love this product, but we wish the Dynatraps came with a longer power cord! Unless you are positioning it right near your power supply you will need an extension cord.

The DynaTrap is one of our top mosquito control picks!


Dimensions: 22 " high, 13" diameter
Weight: 9lbs.
Power Source: A/C - 7' cord
Coverage: Up to 1 acre

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