Lentek Guardian Mosquito Trap - Model 11G Review

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Lentek Mosquito Trap GuardianThe Lentek Guardian 11G is a mosquito catcher which uses a combination of effective techniques to trap and kill mosquitos.

A newer model of this trap - the Lentek Guardian MK12-FE - is available, and offers several improvements in technology and design. However the 11G was a consumer favorite and can still be purchased for a very reasonable price.

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Attractant(s) Used: Body temperature thermal imaging, color, octenol (scent) and airflow.
Capture method(s): Vacuum fan pulls mosquitos into a sanitary capture cup.
Additional features: 1 year warranty.
Price range: $189 - $200
Supplies needed: Propane
Cost of supplies: 20 lb tank will last for approximately 4 weeks of continuous use
User feedback: Very good - 4 star rating on Amazon.com
Comments: Similar to the newer and more portable Guardian MK12-FE

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Dimensions: not available
Weight:. 35 lbs.
Power Source: A/C and Propane
Coverage: Up to 1 Acre

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