Blue Rhino Skeeter Vac Mosquito Eliminator - CPSV5100 Review

Skeetervac CPSV 5100The Skeeter Vac SV5100 offers a combination of proven attractant technologies, dual capture methods and wide area coverage at a great price. Like the other Skeetervac models, the 5100 uses a long-lasting Fine Tune bait which optimizes its output to best match the number and species of mosquitos in your yard. The 5100 runs on Propane alone and requires no electricity.

Supplies are relatively inexpensive, and we've heard great things about their customer service.

The combination of advanced features, moderate price and reputation for good service make the Skeeter vac one of our top picks for mosquito control.

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Attractant(s) Used: CO2 , LED lights, heat, contrast, and Octenol .
Capture method(s): Vacuum trap and/or sticky paper tac traps. p.
Additional features: Long lasting "fine tune" bait regulates Octenol flow to match local mosquito species. Outputs 35,000 cc of CO2 per hour. Propane only, no electricity needed.
Price range: $635-$650
Supplies and Accessories: Octenol fine-tune bait blocks, Propane. Tac trap replacements (if using the sticky trap)
Cost of supplies: Bait blocks - around $18, lasts up to 60 days
Propane - price varies
Tac trap refills (optional) - around $19.99
User feedback: Overall good reviews. The manufacturer has an excellent customer service reputation.

For a smaller, less expensive unit that protects up to 1 acre, see the Skeeter Vac 3100

Important: The optional TacTrap feature can be hazardous to birds and wildlife. SkeeterVac is the only line of traps on the market which use this capture method, and from what we hear it's just as effective without it. We recommend you either don't use it, or that you take precautions to shield the trap from birds. Read more ...

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Dimensions: 37.5 " x 20 " x 25.9 "
Weight: 32 lbs
Power Source: Propane (for outdoor use only)
Coverage: Up to 1.5 acres

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This model has become difficult to find and may be discontinued. We found it in stock at

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