Blue Rhino SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator Review - CPSV3100

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Blue rhino skeetervac CPSV3100 The affordable SkeeterVac 3100 features a"fine tune" bait, which optimizes use of Octenol to the mosquitos species in your area. Insects are trapped by a combo vacuum and "tac-trap" technologies.. This unit runs on Propane alone (to generate insect-attracting heat and CO2) and requires no electricity.

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Attractant(s) Used: CO2 , LED lights, heat, contrast, and Octenol .
Capture method(s): Vacuum trap, optionally sticky paper "tac trap".
Additional features: Fine tune bait lasts up to 3x longer than competing products. Outputs 27,000 cc of CO2 per hour. Propane only, no electricity needed. Two capture methods.
Price range: $530-$550
Supplies and Accessories: Octenol bait blocks, Propane. Tac trap refills (optional)
Cost of supplies: Bait blocks - around $18, lasts up to 60 days
Propane - price varies
Tac trap refills (optional) - around $19.99
User feedback: Very good reviews, great customer service.

For larger coverage areas, see the Skeetervac 5100.

If there are birds in the area you may not want to use the Tactrap feature, According to user feedback it doesn't seem to make a big difference in the effectiveness of the trap, and it can endanger birds and wildlife..

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Dimensions: 25 " x 12.1 " x 31"
Weight: 24 lbs
Power Source: Propane (for outdoor use only)
Coverage: Up to 1 acre

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