Skeeter Vac Mosquito Eliminator SV27(UniFlame) - Review

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Skeetervac mosquito eliminatorThe moderately-priced Skeeter Vac offers a variety of high-tech attractant and capture methods, including their unique Fine Tune bait which optimizes use of Octenol to best suit your individual mosquito population. The unit is comparable in technology and coverage to the heavy-duty Mosquito Magnet units, but it runs on Propane alone and requires no electricity.

This is an older model - for newer products, see our reviews of the Skeetervac CPSV3100 and CPSV5100.

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Attractant(s) Used: CO2 , LED lights, heat, contrast, and Octenol .
Capture method(s): Vacuum trap or sticky paper.
Additional features: Fine tune bait regulates Octenol flow to match local mosquito species. Outputs 35,000 cc of CO2 per hour. Propane only, no electricity needed. Instant spark ignition.
Price range: $269 - $350
Supplies and Accessories: Octenol bait blocks, Propane. Tac trap replacements (if using the sticky trap)
Cost of supplies: Bait blocks - around $18, lasts up to 60 days
Propane - price varies
Tac trap refills (optional) - around $19.99
User feedback: Very good reviews for effectiveness. The manufacturer has an excellent customer service reputation..
Comments: Several newer models are available.

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Dimensions: 17" x 25" x 39"
Weight: 34 lbs
Power Source: Propane (for outdoor use only)
Coverage: Over 1 acre

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